160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket

160 Serving Legacy Foods Chocolate Milk Bucket


Add some variety to your emergency food storage with the 160 Serving Chocolate Milk Bucket by Legacy Premium. Chocolate milk can easily boost your family’s morale and is especially comforting to children when times are uncertain.
Package Features…

160 Servings of Ghirardelli Chocolate milk
Simple to make – Just add water and stir
Good Source of Fiber, No MSG, No Trans Fat, Low in Fat, Low Cholesterol, and Gluten Free
25 year shelf life
Made in the USA
Lowest Cost per Read More


Happy children mean happy parents, and who doesn’t love chocolate! Freeze-dried chocolate milk powder is the ideal addition to your food storage because it is popular with family members of all ages.

Don’t just have rice and beans in your emergency storage; add in great tasting foods, which will last up to 25 years. Legacy Premium not only offers a variety of gourmet entrees, but also the little things you might not think of having in your emergency storage, such as chocolate milk powder. Chocolate milk powder is a great source of protein, calcium, and iron, which is great for your whole family.


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