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33 Pc Travel Size First Aid Kit (Flu) Individual Pandemic Kit

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Be Prepared if a Pandemic Strikes- Perfect for Bug Out Bags and Automobiles.
Includes a bonus Everstrike Fire Starter FREE!

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Our kits are made with quality medical supplies. They will not fall off your finger 5 minutes after you put it on…no duct tape required.

Contents Include:

1. Water Resistant Container

2. Pair Nitrile Gloves

1. Surgical Mask

2. Iodine Swabsticks

1. Xeroform Dressing (1 X 8)

1. Hand Sanitizer

1. Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

10. Alcohol Prep Pads

5. Curad Bandaids

1. Set Tweezers & Scissors

3. Gauze Pads (2 X 2)

3. Large Bandages (4 X2)

3. Steri-Strips (Sm, Med, Lg)


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