Legacy Foods MEGA Sample Pack 183 Servings


I’ll take one of each please!
If you have already tried some of Legacy food storage products and find yourself wondering what the other dehydrated food tastes like why not try them all.

The MEGA Sample Pack from Legacy includes is  4 different breakfasts foods, 19 different dehydrated entrees, 6 side dishes along with 2 drink mixes and coffee.

The MEGA Sample pack has a total of 183 servings and over 40,000 calories!

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Breakfast Items Included:

  • 4 servings of Nine Grain Cereal Mix.
  • 4 servings of Maple Oatmeal With Brown Sugar.
  • 4 servings of Strawberry Creamy Wheat.
  • 4 servings of Old Fashioned Pancake Mix.

Entrees Included

All food storage items listed below contain 4 servings, and each serving is 1.5 cups, that’s a half a cup more than some of the other companies in the long tern food storage industry.

  • Italian Pasta with Marinara.
  • Pasta Alfredo.
  • Pasta Primavera.
  • Enchilada, Beans, and Rice.
  • Stroganoff.
  • Cheese & Broccoli Bake.
  • Hawaiian Style Sweet ‘n’ Sour.
  • Creamy A La King.
  • Vegetable and Rotini Pasta.
  • Chili Mac.
  • Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix.
  • Cheesy Potato Soup Mix.
  • Vegetable and Rice Soup Mix.
  • Potato Soup Mix(4 Servings)
  • Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix(4 Servings)
  • Southwestern Soup Mix(4 Servings)
  • Classic Chili Mix(4 Servings)
  • White Bean Chili Mix(4 Servings)

Sides Included

  • Strawberries Slices.
  • Freeze Dried Banana Chips.
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes.
  • Parboiled Rice.
  • Refried Beans.
  • Green Beans.

Drinks Included

  • 16 servings of USDA Grade “A” Powdered Milk.
  • 16 servings of Chocolate Milk.
  • 35 servings of Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

If you have spent any time researching long term food and food storage companies you already know that Legacy foods has the lowest cost per calorie than the other brands, but how does it taste?

You can watch all the Youtube videos in the world about dehydrated food, and read about what other people think, but there’s only one way to find out what you and your family likes…try it!

This 183 serving Legacy Foods MEGA Sample Pack offers a huge variety of long term food entrees, breakfasts, sides and drinks to try before you make a big purchase.

With a total of over 41,000 calories this MEGA freeze dried food pack will last 2 people around 2 weeks if needed.

Legacy foods are sealed in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and a nitrogen flush which all means it has a 25 year shelf life. Because these are packed in a square heavy duty plastic bucket it makes organization and storage less of a chore.

These dehydrated food products from Legacy are GMO free, High in Fiber, low in cholesterol and made in the USA!.

The Legacy emergency sample pack provides a variety of dehydrated and freeze dried storage foods. Try out our 4 breakfast options; sample each of the 19 lunch and dinner entrees. Experience the 6 different side dish options and the 3 types of drinks.

Additional information

Calorie Info:

Total Calories = 41,600, Total 2,000 calorie days = 21


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