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The Preparedness Triangle Patch

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2.5″ Patch With Velcro Backing


The Universal Preparedness Icon


This open ended triangle is an adaptation of the Civil Defense emblem universally recognized by preppers… but the average person would have no idea what it is.


The three open triangle sides symbolize Water, Food, Shelter, the basic survival necessities. 

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The circle around the triangle symbolizes the following wisdom: “A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within”
The circle is also gray to remind about the importance of being “the gray man” and not exposing ourselves to undue risks.
The primary purpose of the symbol is that like minded preppers to be able to recognize each other before and after a SHTF event in order to network and communicate with each other…
…but again, it just looks like cool shirt to everyone else. 
In keeping with OPSEC (Operational Security) the SP stands for Survivalist Prepper or Survival and Preparedness and there is even Morse Code for the letters S & P under the circle.

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